Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Here are pictures of 2 doilies, one from an older publication and one from a newer magazine.

What do you think of them?

Are they interesting designs?

What kind of details do they have?

What would you do differently?


Grace Tyler said...

I am not a designer though I would like to do some designing. However, as a tatter, these patterns would not inspire me to make them because they are so repetitive. I do note there are more picots on the upper picture. Lots of negative space and very lacy.

When I look for patterns, I look for both visual interest and something new or challenging for me to try.

muskaan said...

I think the picots in the 1st one add a delicate lace effect and some interest to an otherwise repetitive pattern. I'm not much of a picot person, but the comparison shows how much the picots were needed in this pattern.

Moreover, because of the picots, the above doily looks fairly complete. However the lower doily appears to need a defining edge/final round to make it complete - a round with rings, trefoils, or joined motifs. Or, if one wants to pursue the chains-only theme, then the last round could be shorter and closer chains.